[Fire Clearance]

Government Agency

Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)

Contact Person

SPO2 Genie Z. Consorte

Contact Address

City Hall, J. Miranda Ave., Naga City

Telephone Number

(63)(54) 473-8472, 811-6175, 160

Fax Number


E-mail Address


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Purpose/Note: Required during application for a building permit and after completion of construction

[Standard Requirements for New Building/Construction]

(1) First Endorsement from the City Engineer's Office
Submit one (1) set of Building plans/ As-built plans duly signed and sealed by respective authorized persons.
(3) Submit one (1) set of Electrical plans/ As-built plans
(4) Location Map
(5) After submission of the above documents, BFP will inspect and then issue Fire Safety Requirements/Checklist which the proponent must conform with before final issuance of First endorsement fire clearance by City Fire Marshal.

[Standard Requirements Fire Clearance for Occupancy]

(1) Second Endorsement from City Engineer’s Office
Certificate of Building Inspection
(3) Certificate of Final electrical installation/completion
(4) Pre-construction phase inspection report (preliminary)
(5) Post-construction phase inspection report (final inspection)
(6) After submission of the above documents, BFP will proceed to post- construction phase inspection (final inspection).  Proponent must comply with any other corrections/requirements before issuance of Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (FISC) for Occupancy Permit by City Fire Marshal.

[Standard Requirements for Fire Clearance for Electrical Installation

(1) Application form from CASURECO II
(2) One set of Electrical layout duly signed and sealed by PEE
(3) Accomplished and approved application form from CEO
(4) After submission of above documents, a Fire Inspection Report will be done before final issuance of Fire Inspection Certificate.