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Metro PESO, through the Community Employment Center (CEC), runs a Manpower Skills Training Program for out-of-school youth interested in technical-vocational courses.  The program seeks to promote industry or user-led training and a manpower development scheme to make both the labor force and management  globally competitive.

Training programs are conducted at the Manpower Training Center located within the City Hall compound.  The courses offered are:

  1. Automotive Mechanic

  2. Diesel Mechanic

  3. Auto Electricity

  4. Basic Welding

The training period lasts for 3 months.  Trainees are also required to undergo a minimum of 400 hours of on-the-job training (OJT) to complete the program.

Qualified trainees are only charged a registration fee of P 150.00 .



  1. Duly filled-up Registration Form 09 (RKS) with a 1" x 1" ID photo

  2. Barangay Clearance

  3. Written Entrance Examination

After the Applicant has Qualified/During the Training:

  1. Registration Fee of P 150.00

  2. Trade Testing Fee of P 300.00 (after graduation, before trade testing)

  3. Community Tax Certificate (before OJT)

  4. Performance Rating Report (upon completion of the OJT)

How can I avail of the service?


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1.  Application

Applicant requests for a copy of Registration Form 09 (RKS) from the CEC staff and accomplishes the same.

Applicant is advised to come back on the scheduled date of examination.


Shery Buena

Human Resource Management Officer I


Delia Calleja

Labor & Employment Officer II

2.  Written Examination

On the scheduled date, the applicant takes  a written examination at the Manpower Training Center (MTC).

30 minutes

Remy Remorozo

Manpower Development Officer I/Manpower Instructor

3.  Posting of Results


Results of the written examination are posted at the Metro PESO Office and MTC.

1 day after the written exams

Remy Remorozo

Manpower Development Officer I/Manpower Instructor

4.  Payment of Entrance/Registration Fee

Qualifed applicants have to pay a registration/entrance fee of P150.00 at the City Treasurerís Office. The Official Receipt must  be presented to the Manpower Instructor upon enrolment.

The schedule of classes is announced thereafter.

3 minutes

License Division, City Treasurer's Office

5.  Conduct of Classes


The trainee attends a 3-month course covering theories and practical applications.

An Induction Training Program (ITP) is conducted on the first day of classes.

Graduation ceremonies are held after the students have completed the 3-month training program.

3 months

Remy Remorozo

Manpower Development Officer I/Manpower Instructor

6.  Trade Testing

All graduates are required to trade testing to assess skills competency.  This is administered by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).  TESDA charges a testing fee of P 300.00.

Graduates who pass the trade test are given a TESDA Certificate of Eligibility.


Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)

7.  On-the-Job Training

To complete the program, trainees must undertake a practicum/on-the-job training (OJT) for a minimum of 400 hours. 

Applicant secures a referral letter, Performance Training Report Form and a waiver from the CEC.  These are presented to the company where the trainee is applying for OJT.  For the referral, the trainee submits the following to the CEC:

  1. Address, name and position of the contact person of the company where OJT will be held

  2. Community Tax Certificate

CEC staff will monitor the trainee's performance during OJT  to assess whether he is able to meet the standards of the company, or is continuously hired by the employer.

minimum of 400 hours

For Company Referral and OJT Monitoring:


Shery Buena

Human Resource Management Officer I


Delia Calleja

Labor & Employment Officer II

8.  Submission of Performance Rating

The trainee submits his Performance Rating Report upon completion of the OJT.  The report must be accomplished by the company/employer.

The trainee, then, claims his Diploma or Certificate of Training Completion.

1 minute

Shery Buena

Human Resource Management Officer I


Delia Calleja

Labor & Employment Officer II

Maps, Forms & Links

All Forms and Performance Pledges are in PDF format.  You may download Acrobat Reader from