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SOMECAP is a health care program designed for the poor residents of Naga.  It allows the poor to afford the rising cost of health and hospitalization services.  It was introduced in 2001.  


SOMECAP replaces the indigency program undertaken by the city government with the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).  Under this  program, the city government subsidized indigents' contributions to PhilHealth.  Beneficiaries, then, could avail of medical insurance during confinement in PhilHealth-accredited hospitals.  Instead of giving contributions to PhilHealth, the city government, through SOMECAP, directly pays for practically all the hospitalization costs of beneficiaries.


Who benefits from SOMECAP?


SOMECAP is meant for the poorest 3,545 families of Naga. It covers:

  1. the parents as members

  2. children of members who are below 18 years old

  3. parents of members who are 60 years old and above

  4. family members with disabilities

What services does the program cover?

  1. Free hospitalization

  2. Quality doctor services, surgery and other needs during the time the patient is admitted

  3. Nursing services
  4. Hospital room and meals

  5. Use of operating and recovery room

  6. Medicines, anesthesia, oxygen and other medical supplies

  7. Laboratory, x-ray and examination services

  8. Use of Intensive Care Unit

What are not covered under the program?        

  1. Executive check-up

  2. Long-term treatment, as in the case of mental illness

  3. Physiotherapy and cardiometric procedures

  4. Home-care treatment

  5. Operations regarding birth control

  6. Plastic surgery

  7. Acupuncture and speech therapy

  8. Rehabilitation due to alcoholism, drug addiction, sexually transmitted diseases, self-inflicted pain and suicidal attempts

  9. Injuries/illness due to illegal activities

  10. Injuries/illness due to carelessness

What are the SOMECAP-accredited hospitals?

  1. Bicol Medical Center (BMC)

  2. Naga City Hospital (NCH)

How can one become a SOMECAP member?


SOMECAP members are determined by the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO), City Health Office (CHO) and City Mayor's Office (CMO) after the conduct of a survey in the city's 27 barangays.


Qualified members are issued a SOMECAP ID Card.


Other individuals who would like to become members may approach the City Health or City Mayor's Office.



How can I avail of the service?


Please Follow These Steps




1.  Intial Check-up


Go to the City Health Office (CHO) or the Naga City Hospital (NCH).  A doctor will determine if the patient needs to be confined.


2.  Preparatin of Recommendation


The CHO or NCH doctor will prepare a recommendation and refer the patient to  the Bicol Medical Center (BMC), if necessary.


3.  Admission


Patient presents a SOMECAP ID to a City Social Worker or Nurse assigned at the BMC. They will attend to the patient's admission needs.


4.  Patient Discharge


The patient or his/her relative coordinates with the Social Worker before discharge for purposes of verifying the hospital expenses incurred at the BMC.





For emergency cases, a member may immediately proceed to the Bicol Medical Center. A relative of the patient should inform the CHO,r CSWDO Social Worker or Nurse assigned at the BMC regarding the patient's admission.





1.  Registration


Patient goes to the CHO or NCHm and presents his/her SOMECAP ID Card.


2.  Provision of Medical Services and Medicine


Patient is provided with medical services and medicine according to the referral system of the CHO or NCH.


3.  Barangay Health Stations


Barangay Health Stations (BHS) can also provide medical services and medicine for  minor cases.  A BHS can refer a patient to CHO or NCH doctors, if needed.


4.  Review


All minor medical cases are reviewed by the Naga City Hospital.  The NCH  prepares appropriate recommendation to the BMC in case facilities or expert doctors are not available at the city hospital.



Note: All members availing of SOMECAP services are monitored by an assigned Social Worker or Nurse. The monitoring report  forms part of the documentation and assessment of SOMECAP transactions.

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